Social Responsibility Policy

1. Prohibit the use of child labor, do not accept any use of child labor suppliers or subcontractors;

2. Respect for freedom of work and the prohibition of any form of forced labor;

3. To provide the safety and health of the company's work and living conditions to ensure the safety and health of workers;

4. To promote labor and capital cooperation, respect for the legitimate right to freedom of association and collective bargaining;

5. To provide an equitable and equitable working environment and to prohibit any form of discrimination;

6. Respect for the fundamental human rights of workers and forbid any form of humiliating behavior;

7. Reasonable arrangements for production planning, reasonable arrangements for workers working hours and rest and leave;

8. Provide legal wages and benefits, at least to meet the basic needs of workers;

9. Follow the integrity, law-abiding, clean self-discipline, respect for intellectual property rights, fair trade, to encourage community participation;

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