Waveguide Attenuator

Waveguide Attenuator

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Microwave Components

Waveguide Attenuator

-  5-50GHz Performance Frequency

-  Waveguide sizes range from WR-22 to WR-137

-  20dB/30dB/40dB/60dB/75dB attenuator or as customization

-  Complete flange configurations

-  Aluminum or copper WR waveguide


Frequency range

5 - 50GHz


20dB/30dB/40dB/60dB/75dB attenuator or as customization

Variation in passband

±1.0dB typical

Power handling

35 dBm min

VSWR / Return loss

1.10 / -26.5 dB typical, 1.15 /  -23 dB max.,  all ports



Operating Temperature Range

-10 to + 60oC

Storage Temperature Range

-30°C to +75°C

Operating Relative Humidity

5% ~ 95% non-condensing

Non operating Relative Humidity

5% ~ 95% condensing

Salt Spray Requirements


Transportation Requirements

ETS 300 019-2-2, T 2.3


Indoor or outdoor

Waveguide flange

WR22/WR28/WR42/WR90/WR112/WR137 Cover


Silver plated on flanges, black or grey paint on body

Vibration requirements

IEC60721-3-4 class 4

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