Conflict Metal Procurement Policy

        This policy is formulated by Jiangsu BeiFuDe Communication Technology Co., Ltd. to avoid the financial support or benefit of the related products of gold, tantalum, tungsten, tin and its products, directly or indirectly, for the relevant armed groups in the conflict area. Commitment to the responsibility and respect for human rights in the operation and global supply chain, and committed to the procurement of raw materials of gold, tantalum, tungsten and tin and their products will not support the relevant conflict.

To comply with this procurement policy, we will do the following:

1. Conduct due diligence with relevant suppliers to ensure that procurement complies with the requirements of the OECD Guidelines for Responsible Supply Chain Due Diligence of Minerals in Conflict-Affected Areas and High-Risk Areas and encourages our suppliers to require their suppliers to do likewise.

2, to provide, and to require our suppliers to cooperate with the provision of due diligence information to ensure that our gold, tantalum, tungsten and tin and its products in the supply chain does not support the conflict.

3. Immediate cessation of cooperation with suppliers that support the risk of conflict.

4. Commit ourselves to making our policies transparent to our customers, stakeholders and the public by reporting our progress.

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