About Pivotone

Pivotone’s headquarters are located in Wuxi, a major city in the Jiangsu Provence; it is a strong technology development and manufacturing center with well- established industrial infrastructure as well as extensive supply chains. Pivotone specializes in RF & microwave components, devices, modules and subsystems. Pivotone has been certified by ISO9001 and ISO14000 and other management systems,   Pivotone is a leader in the telecommunication industry with advanced technology and ever-growing capability.

Pivotone’s home is the beautiful city of Wuxi, a city rich with engineering resources, well-established industrial infrastructure, robust supply chains, and a strong tradition of enterprising spirit.

The core principle of Pivotone’s corporate culture is it’s people: Pivotone’s team members and valuable customers. This “people first” approach, coupled with our commitment towards cutting edge technology, reliable and automated operation systems, and professional management strategies, positions Pivotone as a true leader in the communications industry.

Professionalism. Integrity. Vision. These do not only describe Pivotone’s name, but are the core values of our company. At Pivotone, our entire team works with these three guiding principles in mind, because only a professional working attitude, integrity, and far-reaching vision will allow us to bring our customers, and ultimately society to the pinnacle of communications technology.

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